Alongside the traditional Chianti of the Pisan Hills assert themselves new names that make this area one of the most interesting of the regional landscape.

In Pisano, wine has been from time immemorial. This is an ancient practice that was common knowledge in recent times with renewed understanding, valuing the best of tradition through the knowledge and tools of modern technology. In the great wines of Tuscany, then, are the productions of Pisa occupy a respectable position, and are also making increasingly successful, both in terms of sales and appreciation from fans and professionals from around the world. High quality standards have been reached by all the provincial productions, old and new family farms have turned into real companies that produce brand DOC and DOCG.
The Pisan hills are particularly suited to an ecosystem winemaking thanks to the beneficent influence of the nearby Tyrrhenian. The base sees ampelographic prevail classic Tuscan grape, Sangiovese or Trebbiano Toscano and, followed by Chianti Malvasia and Vermentino. If the grapes are the same, the wines of Pisa, however, have each its own distinct personality: the main ones are DOCG Chianti of the Pisan Hills next to Doc Bianco Pisano di San Torpè, Montescudaio and Colli Etruria Centrale. The production area of ​​Chianti of the Pisan Hills includes a large area that extends from the Pisan Hills to the San Miniato area, comes from the classic grape of Chianti (sangiovese, canaiolo black, Tuscan Trebbiano and Malvasia of Chianti), and is distinguished by its bright red color The intense aroma and dry flavor, making it the ideal companion to red meat and game roasts. Among the rivers Arno and Cecina, the western foothills of Chianti, the area lies instead of the more typical white Pisa, San Torpè, which takes its name from the first saint and martyr of Pisa. Produced in a wide area, this White has been "invented" by the producers making the best of Chianti Tuscan Trebbiano, Malvasia blended with fermented canaiolo Tuscan white. Pale yellow color, delicate aroma and dry flavor, Bianco di San Torpé is ideal to accompany fish and light hors d’oeuvres, is also produced in Vin Santo, perfect to accompany a meal biscuits and biscuits. Close to the Val di Cornia and Livorno we find the Doc Montescudaio, considered one of the emerging areas of Tuscany wine. The production area is located in the hills near the Tyrrhenian coast and includes the towns of Montescudaio, Guardistallo, Casale Marittimo and Riparbella. The Red is mainly produced with Sangiovese grapes, black Canaiolo, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia del Chianti, as can be seen, the blend is very similar to that of Chianti wines of this area but have a note "softer" due to beneficial influence of maritime climate. The Red has bright color, intense aroma and dry flavor that goes well with white meat and red but also with cheese. The type is produced with white grapes Trebbiano Tuscan canaiolo White, Vermentino and Malvasia of Chianti goes well with appetizers and delicate pastas, fish and shellfish. Even in this case the product specification admits a Vin Santo, based on the same grapes.
The area of ​​the DOC Colli Etruria Centrale coincides with that of the Chianti of the Pisan Hills, but manufacturers should opt for one or another denomination. The range includes the classic varieties of Doc Red, White, Rose and Vin Santo. Rosso and Rosato are obtained from a blend similar to that of Chianti, Vin Santo and White are also derived from a blend of traditional Tuscan grapes, with the addition of small amounts of pinot, white or gray. The red goes well with white and red meats, sausages and toast to the Rose, while White is a classic wine for every meal.

Di Pisaonline è un portale turistico sulla città di Pisa è della famosa Torre pendente. Fa parte del network di portali su Pisa by in rete dal 1996.

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